IS it awkward that I have spent the better half of the past two hours spinning around with my dog screaming mother fuckers never loved us! Probably? To further the weirdness I have a very intense sulfur mask occupying most of my face. I’m having a really bad face day…where my eyes look 46 instead of 26…

Which leads me to my next point..a little story I have about my face and why dad’s are not really the best people to have around your boyfriend.. what was supposed to be a quick stop and chat between my boyfriend, his friend, myself and my parents to pick up a bag of mind started off with “Morgan, what’s up with your face it’s really shiny”…”It almost looks like metallic paint”….”doesn’t suzy?”…

…………………………. “Why is it so shiny, do you need to put some powder on it?” “It was like that yesterday to”

K, dad.. YA DONE? First off all, Let me just start off by saying that oily skin prevents wrinkles, hence my smooth forhead….SECONDLY…WHY do we think we can bring this up at all in front of my boyfriend..or his friend…OR IN GENERAL?

Not to mention the yesterday he was referring to was after a night out and a two am Mcdonald’s run! Obviously that shit was sweating out of me????? Just not a clue in the world.